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What is Husky Communications?

Husky Communications is a student-run digital communications agency that is integrated with the M.S. in Corporate and Organizational Communications and M.P.S in Digital Media programs at Northeastern University. We provide selected clients, primarily mission-driven organizations, with marketing and communications consulting services.

Who are the clients of the agency?

Husky Communications’ clients are leading organizations in the nonprofit, social enterprise, and corporate sectors. They can range from global organizations to emerging companies; however, they are united in having a strong mission and needing thoughtful consultation to bring their ideas to a wider audience. 

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How does the agency work?

Students choose to join the agency to combine their coursework with real-world application of what they are learning. The students play the role of employees in the agency, working directly with clients to develop an integrated marketing communications campaign closely aligned with the clients’ strategic goals. They will also use leading-edge marketing communications technologies, including HubSpot, and will be strongly supported in earning HubSpot certifications.

How does being a part of Husky Communications benefit students?

Husky Communications brings experiential learning to the next level for students who are interested in working in public relations, marketing or digital media by providing them with real-world experience. Being a part of Husky Communications not only helps students gain practical job skills, it provides professional work samples to share with potential employers.

What is it like being a member of the agency and a student in the program?

Being a member of Husky Communications is similar to working in a digital media agency. Students will combine relevant coursework with working hands-on in strategic roles within the agency. They work closely with faculty mentors, meet with clients, and create marketing campaigns that are deployed in the real world. Students collaborate with peers around the globe, as well as building strong relationships with their clients.

Recent students have this to say about the Husky Communications experience:

It’s a great experience if you are trying to get into not just PR but communications or marketing. There’s a lot of interchangeable skills you’ll learn.”  -Paul B. , Class of 2021

I really enjoy the different dynamics of working as a team. The experience is really challenging but very rewarding at the same time.” – Talha K. , Class of 2020

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Are there any prerequisites for enrolling to Husky Communication?

Students enrolled in specific Public Relations and Digital Media courses automatically become members of the agency. 

How can I get more information?

Current students in the College of Professional Studies should consult with their academic advisor. If you are a prospective student, you can also call us at (617) 373-2400 or email us at cpsadmissions[@]

How can I apply to the program?

Request information by clicking here.

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