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Looking to gain real-world experience in PR, communications, and digital marketing?

Students in our Corporate and Organizational Communication and Digital Media master’s programs and our BS in Digital Communication & Media have the opportunity to address real-world challenges as members of  our digital agency, Husky Communications.

Our Difference

As part of Husky Communications, you’ll:


  • Turn theory into practice
  • Base recommendations on data, not gut feel
  • Create and run communications campaigns
  • Build strong client relationships
  • Work with teammates with different skill sets
  • Gain exposure to media relations, blogging, branding, content development, SEO, social media, and website development
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Master’s students in the Corporate and Organizational Communication program can participate in our Virtual PR Firm for the perfect blend of PR theory and practice

Course Sequence 

Our Virtual PR Firm curriculum includes a sequence of four courses. You may enroll in any course that interests you most, but in order to enhance your experience we suggest taking courses from start to finish and enjoying your time as an Account Executive at Husky Communications!
PBR 6710
Public Relations Research
Your starting course at Husky Communications will be a research course, helping you learn to create evidence-based business strategies. You, along with your colleagues, will learn the role of research in developing well-grounded PR programs. Further, you will have the chance to perform research in support of a real-life PR client scenario.
PBR 6135
Public Relations Strategy and Planning
The strategy and planning course examines the role and responsibilities of PR professionals in promoting brand identity and organizational reputation as a key element in support of an organization’s business strategy. This course will offer you and your team an opportunity to develop a strategy for your assigned client which can serve as your signature portfolio piece.
PBR 6130
Public Relations Content Development
The third course at Husky Communications uses the research and strategy from the previous two courses to start developing real-world content for the client. You will learn to conceptualize and generate communications content in support of brand awareness and key organizational objectives.
PBR 6140
Advanced Public Relations Content
This final course will bring all prior experiences together to give you the opportunity to broaden and deepen your knowledge of different types of PR content. It will aim to further strengthen your understanding of the art of storytelling, and examine how to conduct content testing prior to a campaign launch.

Our Work

Curious about what a day in the life of the program is like? Check out our case studies featuring recent project to learn more:

banner showing samples of social media posts and blog posts

BATL: Establishing the Brand

The Biopharmaceutical Analysis Training Laboratory has strong technical credentials to assist drug regulatory agencies worldwide. BATL turned to us for brand messaging to reach key audiences.

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banner showing samples of social media posts and photos of a Zoom meeting

NEURON: Expanding Existing Communications

Neuron engaged us to find new ways to build awareness of the firm’s unique UX design capabilities. We responded with an integrated social media program and new media relations outreach.

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