– Finding New Ways to Expand Brand Awareness

Neuron, a San Francisco based UX/UI design agency, is owned and run by 4 Northeastern alumni. They are committed to creating best-in-class digital experiences to help businesses succeed in today’s digital world. Their work is super solid, winning Top Creative & Design Agency of San Francisco from Clutch in 2019.

As a small and growing business, Neuron was interested in new ways to expand its outreach, enhance its brand awareness and further distinguish itself from competitors. That led to engaging with the Northeastern Virtual Public Relations Firm, now known as  Husky Communications. 


Integrated social media and new media relations. Building on public relations research and strategy development, we ultimately focused on two main areas for Neuron — social media and media relations. One student team developed and ran an integrated social media plan, while another engaged in media relations activities, including developing pitches, building media lists, and conducting initial outreach to journalists.



Research Neuron’s market, analyze the competition and identify audience preferences.


Develop strategic plan that defines such key elements as stakeholders, channels, messages, tactics, and schedule


Zero-in on external communications most closely aligned with Neuron’s strategic goals – an integrated social media plan and outreach to business and industry press


Help support key publicity opportunities, such as Neuron’s innovative UX Style Hackathon


Meet and talk regularly with Neuron Zoom meetings and Slack conversations

A win-win outcome for client and students

Slack and the virtual meetings helped build a working environment that was proactive, as well as convenient for both Neuron and us. Both parties could brainstorm ideas and give feedback constantly. And both sides benefited from the process.

“It’s such a valuable experience for students looking for experiential learning,” said Ryan. Matthew, Director of Client Services. “The same group of students got to work with the project from semester to semester and get a sense of continuity with the project.”

Chris Maciano, Director of Operations, strongly recommends Husky Communication to other companies. “It’s a great way for companies to get their feet wet without making a huge commitment.” said Mr. Marciano, “It’s a learning process for both of our parties. It’s super beneficial and ultimately helped us to make good decisions about business development and hiring needs.”

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