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Student Reflection on the NEU Husky Experience


Huskies is the word that stands for Northeastern University community members.
As one of the most famous campuses in Boston, it is a fantastic experience to become a Husky.
I am lucky to be a part of the community, and I am glad to have a chance to share my Husky experience here!

The Northeastern Lab for Inclusive Entrepreneurship

The Lab seeks to assist women-and-minority-owned small businesses, particularly in the Portland-Boston-Providence corridors; in recovering from the COVID-19 damages and scaling up for the future. The Lab held a symposium in Spring 2022 on the obstacles women-and-minority-owned small businesses face and ways to increase supplier diversity. The Husky Communications team was charged with raising awareness about the symposium to help spur interest in the event.

How to Promote Your Event When No One Has Heard of You

By Xinyi Zhang

When I joined the Husky Communications digital agency last fall, our client was a faculty-led initiative, the Northeastern Lab for Inclusive Entrepreneurship, which had just received funding from the university’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI) to conduct research on supplier diversity in higher education.

Build Awareness of a Nonprofit's Wonderful Work

Solutions for Change directly addresses the causes of poverty and homelessness by empowering people with the resources and skills to permanently change their lives. It asked our team to develop a social media campaign to create awareness about the organization’s services and increase followers and clicks to the website.

Becoming a Thought Leader on Social Media: A Profile of Bob Cargill

By: Isabella Okuns

Being a thought leader means establishing your brand as an expert within your field and setting the stage for other people to come to you first when seeking information. The first time I met Bob Cargill in my class, this was exactly the kind of person I would consider a social media thought leader.


End of Phase 3: Develop

During the second half of the winter semester, our team of students, under the guidance of Professor Christina Inge,  developed and curated content for our partner UNIVERSAL PROMISE.

Students develop various content, from brand guidelines to Instagram content to video content and so much more, in under six weeks.  They helped bring UNIVERSAL PROMISE vision to life.

End of Phase 2: Create


Our Husky Communication team, alongside Dana Harris, conducted phase 2! 🎉 🎉

Through the six weeks course, the team developed and delivered incredible content and insight about ways Universal Promise could elevate its story and help enhance its brand awareness.


End of Phase 1: Research

The experience working with Universal Promise has been incredible and terrific. While conducting the research our student accounts dive deep into non-profit operations and Xhosa in South Africa.

The final presentation included the project scope, situation analysis, stakeholder analysis, channels, messages, industry, SWOT analysis, and recommendations. Moving next, the team is excited and ready to work with the client on the next step: strategy and planning. 

Phase 1: Research

During the research phase, the students work on background research and learn the role of research in developing well-grounded PR programs.

Last week, our student account executives met with the client, asking and answering questions to promote collaboration and communication toward the final report. 

Universal Promise


Husky Communications is partnering with a non-profit organization Universal Promise, starting from the first of our four-course sequence. 

In South Africa, Universal Promise provide individuals and institutions in underserved regions with the academic resources needed to ensure educational and career opportunities that will promote just, civil, and hopeful societies.

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It’s a great experience if you are trying to get into not just PR but communications or marketing. There’s a lot of interchangeable skills you’ll learn.”

-Paul B. , Class of 2021

I really enjoy the different dynamics of working as a team. The experience is really challenging but very rewarding at the same time.”

-Talha K. , Class of 2021

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