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Intercultural Communication Is Booming And It Is Here To Stay

Have you caught the travel bug and desire to travel to new places, whether it is through studying abroad or just traveling in general?  If you’re on the fence and want to know why you should take the leap and just do it, I have it for you –the importance of intercultural communication.  In today’s society, the importance of intercultural communication in the workplace is rising because everyone is interconnected to others around the world.  The world is full of different cultures and customs.

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Princess Diana’s 1993 Bombshell Interview

Press interviews can do so much when it comes to changing your image to the public. However, if conducted ineffectively, things can either stay the same or change for the worse. To this day there is one interview that shows that if an interview is strategized accordingly, not only people will remember you over time, but can also learn from it. 

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Balenciaga and a PR Crisis Everyone Might Have Seen Coming

Balenciaga is no stranger to scandal and the latest campaign could have cost them everything. Andrea Taylor provides some insight into how their PR crisis could have been pivoted in a different direction.

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3 Ways PR Plays a Role in Banking: A Branch Supervisor’s View

In the banking industry, PR plays a huge role.  Some people may think that banking is all about numbers, but communication is one of the most essential components of this industry.  As a Branch Supervisor, Colleen Rockwell has seen how PR contributes to the day-to-day success of a bank and shares her insights.

The Royal Family


Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle. Two names that have the world upside down and sideways. The pair have found a new path to the public world, and this time it has been going the right ways. Valeria Ravachi dives into the past, present and future of this famous pair and reflects on their new path in the public eye.

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What Happens when Traditional Chinese Thoughts and Christian Culture Get Together

In this blog post, Yueying Zhou, a first-year student from Zhuhai China, talks about her involvement in the Northeastern University Chinese Christian Fellowship. 

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A Student Reflection on the Northeastern Husky Experience

Huskies is the word that stands for Northeastern University community members. As one of the most famous campuses in Boston, it is a fantastic experience to become a Husky. I am lucky to be a part of the community, and I am glad to have a chance to share my Husky experience here!


Four steps to promote event for new brands explained

The steps we followed in 6 month to build the social brand and attract three times the expected attendant e, both in-person and virtual, at the symposium for our client at Husky communication. 

  • Know your client, their story, and their objectives 
  • Tell the story through on-brand infographics 
  • Utilize pay per click (PPC) on social media (LinkedIn for this project)
  • Monitor your online registration (Eventbrite in this case) and emails throughout the campaign 

Becoming a Thought Leader on Social Media: A Profile of Bob Cargill

Getting into Bob’s presence as a thought leader, he has been invested with social media since the emergence of these online communication channels about 20 years ago. He self-published his social media blog in 2004 to appeal to the writer in him and share his experience in the field


Why Meme Marketing is not the future: ‘There might never be Morbin Time’

Social media is synonymous with public relations, and one of the leading currencies of that protean landscape is memes. We studied the Morbius- a meme phenomenon and found that online hype barely converts to actual revenue.


Zelensky: Public Relations in Wartime

Volodymyr Zelensky is a figure we’ve all come to know quite well. Whether he’s speaking in front of the U.N., or at the Grammys, there is perhaps no more consistent public figure on the global stage. He has been consistently lauded both for the moving power of his oration on the world stage, as well as the confidence he instills in his own people, as they struggle against oppression…


An Afternoon Chat with Pam Fultz: The PR Guru (Part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of our interview with Pam Fultz. The interview was conducted by Benjamin George, a student in the Master’s program at CPS with a focus on Public Relations… 


An Afternoon Chat with Pam Fultz: The PR Guru (Part 1)

Northeastern alumni Pam Fultz has worked across the field of public relations from journalism to education to community relations management, from the Midwest to the Southeast. She met with us in February of this year to discuss her career, her education, and the lessons she can teach current students of Public Relations…


Stephanie Leandri: Paving Her Way through Public Relations

An institution’s alumni are the key to its growth, and Northeastern University proudly boasts alumni all across the world soaring to great heights. Husky Communications always strives to provide a unique experiential learning opportunity to its current and prospective students by bringing in first-hand experiences from esteemed professors and successful alums…


Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business & Non-Profit Organizations

In recent times, the Coronavirus has made marketing more essential than ever. Much of marketing needs to be online. With the development of digital marketing, this method can help organizations reach audiences and build closer relationships with a lower cost and convenient communication method…


How to Include Micro-Holidays Into Your Social Media Strategy

National Ice-Cream DayNational Pet Day. International Refugee Day. There’s virtually a “day” to celebrate, recognize or remember almost anything. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at this list of holidays from Insense for 2022. So, you’re contemplating ways to spice up your social media strategy. You’ve observed other businesses use attention-grabbing hashtags such as #NationalSleepDay. You thought “Hm…


4 Effective Strategies for More Successful Pitching


In B2B PR, one important aspect of the job is pitching story ideas to the media in hopes of gaining coverage for a client’s product or service. There are many strategies that need to take place to be successful. From conducting research on current trends


SEO for Small Businesses: SEO isn’t as Complicated as You Thought


I have to admit that when I first heard the term SEO, I was a bit lost on how to start. SEO sounds like a big word that requires a lot of expertise and techniques that no one can do but a seasoned marketer. During my 10+ year career in marketing…


The Husky Communications Agency Experience

When I first heard that my degree program had a virtual PR firm, I was skeptical. I mistakenly thought work with Husky Communications was purely voluntary and didn’t count for course credit. I also assumed, incorrectly, that when the clients were…


Five Ways to Maximize Your Digital Presence

Building and sustaining a digital brand can be tough. At Husky Communications, we recognize that navigating social media can be tedious and overwhelming at times. However, when utilized effectively, social media has the power to take your organization to unforeseen heights…


6 Successful Fundraising Ideas for Non-Profits


Creative nonprofit fundraising ideas to jazz up your campaigns, no matter your budget.  “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, has said many the nonprofit professional struggling under budget constraints, time limits, and wearing too many “different hats”…

Marketing Your Non-Profit on Valentine's Day: What's Not to Love?

Getting attention for your non-profit enterprise and the good work you do is a big, never ending task – so why not mix in some love and fun with your marketing  – and get some love back?  Some ideas from Husky Communications…


5 Free Social Media Marketing Plan Templates

Are you hoping to create a social media plan for your company but don’t know where to start? We have found five free customizable templates that make it easy for you to get started on your first social media post. When distributing marketing media…

8 Ways Nonprofits Can Refresh Their Next Sponsorship Letter

Are you feeling dread or anxiety about writing your next sponsorship letter?  Here are some quick tips on how to find the right sponsors and fundraise successfully.  Whether you’re just starting with an idea for your nonprofit or you want…

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