The Rise to Fame of Harry and Meghan

By Valeria Ravachi 

Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle. Two names that have the world upside down, and sideways. The pair have found a new path to the public world, and this time it has been going the right ways. Taking a trip down memory lane, the pair has been together since 2016, and they are now married and have two kids. Jumping from their happy marriage to their present-day lives, back in 2020 the couple decided to “retire” from the Royal family, by posting a picture of their statement on Instagram. It was stated by the BBC that the couple said, “We intend to step back as ‘senior’ members of the Royal Family and work to become financially independent while continuing to fully support Her Majesty The Queen” (BBC, 2020). Shocked as it was to the world of this particular decision, there is more than meets the eye, and more so in the celebrity’s lives.

Prince Henry and Meghan
The Royal Family
The Royal Family

It was known that Meghan was not accepted with open arms, or a bed of roses into the family, or the UK in this case. Having this stated, it is also important to note that Markle is a Black proud woman in the royal family. This may come as a shock to a lot of you, readers, but this is something that the UK did not completely approve of. Furthermore, it is also known, and it was stated by an article from The Women’s Agenda, Will tabloid hatred against Meghan Markle ever end? That, “the hatred against Markle appears rife on Twitter, where tweets are fueling the media’s thirst for building their case against the Duchess” (Tu, 2022). Having all of this stated, it is fair to conclude that the British tabloids dislike Meghan, and there is a fair majority of people who believe she is disliked due to her skin tone. This is where their rise to fame began to swirl.

After The Sussexes decided to leave the royal family, and I believe there is a clear reason why H & M were quiet. All was well, until March 7, 2021, Oprah and The Sussexes sat down for tea. Piping hot tea. This is where the tables turned since Markle decided to step out of her comfort zone and talk about her experience as a royal, and how it negatively affected her. However, knowing her audience, and knowing Oprah’s audience, it was clear that this was a PR move. If the reader hasn’t caught up already, their PR move is targeting the American audience, and Oprah being a Black and proud American, is very well known, who else better than spreading Markle’s story with her? In hindsight, it was a good PR move since Americans are known to be obsessive over royalty, and more so if the most eligible bachelor newly wed, is in the spotlight. Having this said, The Sussexes didn’t disclose too much about their personal life. Leaving the Americans what they like the most in TV drama, intrigued.

One year later, The Sussexes came out with two important news; H & M Netflix documentary, and Prince Harry’s book called, Spare. Another great PR win for the ex-royals. By not expressing everything with Oprah, they left the Americans wanting more, and more. They successfully gave it to them. They went far and beyond to every sneaky, little detail making sure that everything is out there, with their own point of view of the situation.

The reader can expect many things from the ex-royal couple. They might also be thinking, “Will they depend on this their entire life?”, the answer for that would be no. Knowing The Sussexes have a long run and a history of being humanitarians. In the PR world, it could expected to see them working towards charity, or any other humanitarian approach, that could showcase them as who they are; humans with a mission.



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