About Husky Communications

We create a hands-on experience to enable students to work in the real world with confidence, skills, and professionalism.

What we do

At Husky Communications, there are three fundamental factors that make us different. First, you work with a single client over a period of six months, enabling you to grasp the framework of an organization and help them define their brand identity. Second, the program is designed around a sequence of four courses that form the basis for your work with the client. Finally, the program empowers you to tap into industry-leading marketing tools, such as HubSpot, to perform the work. This adds up to a real-world experience that is second to none. 


Our Mission

Husky Communications offers a unique experiential learning opportunity. As a participant in this student-run agency, you work as a communications professional in a modern digital environment, collaborating in teams to support clients throughout the entire life cycle of a communications project.

By applying both your training and creativity, you will manage and guide the client’s PR image. The actual work can range from managing social media presence, all the way to conceiving, planning, and executing an entire brand strategy.



As a member of Husky Communications, you will be equipped with practical knowledge that is applied in the real world, by working with real clients, to solve real problems.


The Husky community is made of many educational and professional backgrounds, with each member bringing their unique experiences and wisdom into the mix.


Our voices come from all over the world. Our strength is in our ability to bring different viewpoints from all genders, ages, ethnic backgrounds, and social backgrounds.


Our promise is for every member to have the necessary foundation to be the leaders of tomorrow, so that today’s experiences are tomorrow’s innovations.

“It provides a lot of real-world hands-on experience, learning how people work and what benefits them in the real world. You’ll learn how to work well with people.”

Paul B., Class of 2021 

"If you want to build a house, you need to know how to design the house. . This program is like the design and building of an actual home to understand the real-life concepts."

Ashutosh V., Class of 2020

"It is a very nice program for students looking to switch their careers in PR and Marketing Communications.The Virtual PR Firm was a very good experience for me."

Theresa H., Class of 2020

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