Huskies is the word that stands for Northeastern University community members. As one of the most famous campuses in Boston, it is a fantastic experience to become a Husky. I am lucky to be a part of the community, and I am glad to have a chance to share my Husky experience here!

Northeastern Campus

Northeastern University is located in the downtown area of Boston; it is a private research university founded in 1898. It has been honored as providing the best student service in co-ops/internships. That is the most shining treasure that every Husky is able to have; the co-op/internship programs are the keys for Huskies to have the best experiential learning and success in the future.

The Northeastern campus is large and beautiful, and the buildings inside the campus perfectly mix classical and modern styles. During my first time walking around the campus, I noticed the classical buildings, which present the authority and historical past of the campus. As I walked across the railroad on the fancy bridge, the buildings suddenly changed to the modern style architecture. Yet no sense of incongruity occurs at all between the two styles.

While Huskies study in such a fantastic environment, there also are extensive grass areas and comfortable chairs to rest and relax. Similarly, sofa chairs can be found everywhere inside the different buildings. A food court, complete with Starbucks, is located in the middle of the campus. Courts for different sports can be found across the campus. Everything people need is offered here, providing a feeling of home.

However, a comfortable environment is only a part of a university; Huskies also have a high quality educational experience. As an “R1: Doctoral University-Very High Research Activity,” Northeastern boasts several alumni who have received the Nobel Prize. Meanwhile, it is really easy and convenient to find opportunities for career experiences. Co-op programs are offered for Huskies who are near graduation, providing a boost before students step into their working careers. Experimental learning projects give Huskies a competitive advantage in preparing for challenging future job opportunities. New Huskies also have the opportunity to participate in those experimental learnings, such as the Husky Communications student operated public relations firm.

Being a part of the Husky community is really a memorable journey. I am just starting here and still trying to get involved deeper in these organizations. Yet I definitely see more shining treasures around here. I will keep sharing the surprises in future blogs!

By Wenhao Xu

M.S. in Organizational Communication CPS’23