In recent times, the Coronavirus has made marketing more essential than ever. Much of marketing needs to be online. With the development of digital marketing, this method can help organizations reach audiences and build closer relationships with a lower cost and convenient communication method. Therefore, it has been applied by many companies and non-profit organizations and has become a powerful network marketing tool. So, how to use this increasingly important marketing method to achieve the company’s overall or partial business goals?  

Here are some marketing ideas you can consider. 

Optimize the Website

a. Responsive page

With the development of technology and the popularization of mobile devices, people are more inclined to use mobile phones or tablets to browse and purchase. Therefore, the optimization of website responsive pages is the first step towards success. 
The responsive layout of the website has a crucial influence on the user experience, so when adding or changing the website, you should check the appearance and functions on the mobile device to ensure that users can have a good experience when they are browsing on various devices. 

b. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

SEO is very important in the current market. It determines the exposure and page views of the website. SEO is a complex process, which includes keyword selection, perfect website structure, enrichment of website content, and so on. 

Tell the Brand Story

Real stories can build trust in the audience, and good stories about how they form are usually more memorable and form a lasting impression. So if you want people who hear about your brand for the first time to remember it quickly, please tell them your brand story.
It is important to show empathy and enthusiasm to the audience. Help your audience connect with your nonprofit organization by sharing stories about your help. Let your audience have a better understanding of the organization’s business events to feel more realistic. 

Content Marketing

Content marketing is to provide online content to target audiences for knowledge sharing, advice, or entertainment. Content is also an effective way to make a brand unique. It is high-quality content that transforms ordinary audiences into customers. This is a way to show supporters and potential users the work and achievements of the organization. Specifically, standard publishing modes on websites include blogs, pictures, videos, infographics, etc. This content will become the basis for your interaction with customers, prompting your supporters to tie to your organization through the content.
In this way, your business or non-profit organization can become more well-known through content marketing to stimulate more potential audiences’ interest. Existing users or donors can feel involved in your organization and maintain long-term loyalty. 

Use Social Media Marketing

Werner Geyser, the founder at Influencer Marketing Hub, summarizes some social media marketing techniques to help you get started:

    • Select the right platforms where your target customers are active.
    • Find your brand voice and stick to it.
    • Be regular and consistent in posting social media content.
    • Use high-quality, eye-catching visuals to attract audience attention.
    • Add your website link in your social media bios.
    • Use tactics that drive social media traffic to your website.
    • Use popular and relevant hashtags to reach more people. 

Pay Attention to Customer Service and Follow-up Service

Digital marketing is a marketing method formed through the Internet. Often you don’t meet and talk to customers face to face. Therefore, you should pay more attention to customer service and communicate with customers. Communication is the first step to build trust between you and your customers. To achieve the purpose of customer service and communication with customers, a contact page is generally established on a web page. After you receive any questions, requests, or feedback raised by customers, you should handle and respond on time. The timely handling of problems can enable customers to achieve high satisfaction. 

Encourage Customers to Leave Online Reviews

User feedback is one of the completely free digital marketing techniques. Because when unfamiliar users visit the website, they are more inclined to check real users’ feedback. User feedback is often more attractive than advertising. So you should encourage customers to leave online comments, and you need to monitor the comments and quickly respond to any negative comments. In the end, you will be able to get a double victory from this strategy, because you can not only establish rapport with and interact with existing customers, but you can also use the comments of old customers to attract and influence other potential customers to visit your business or conduct business. 

In general, marketing is very important for every company and organization. Good marketing can bring huge benefits to the company. Hope this article can bring you some new ideas and inspiration.

By Liru Yan, CPS’22

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