Are you hoping to create a social media plan for your company but don’t know where to start? We have found five free customizable templates that make it easy for you to get started on your first social media post. 

When distributing marketing media, it is important that the content marketing strategy defines the social media marketing plan, according to Jodi Harris from the Content Marketing Institute.  Why market your brand across all media platforms, far and wide, if it truly only targets specific customers? 

Utilizing a template is not only a time saver but can also ensure that you are covering every stage within your marketing plan. The following free, customizable templates will help guide you in your social media journey. From planning to creating content and from publishing posts to  measuring performance, these templates will serve as a beneficial guide and reference. 

In order to produce high-quality content that can be used across different platforms and channels, all marketing team members need to recognize your company’s goals and expectations while also knowing how to fulfill them. The below framework from the Content Marketing Institute can be helpful in identifying the key skills, mindset and cultural considerations to account for when running an efficient and effective marketing initiative. 

Content Market Framework

Content Creation and Distribution Tips & Tools 

1. Brainstorming is a great tool for getting the creative juices flowing and generating a high volume of new content ideas, points out Jodi Harris from the Content Marketing Institute.

2. Create readable content that addresses customers at their level. By speaking in simple phrases without business jargon, this allows for readers to engage and absorb the content at hand. To strike a good tonal balance between formal and conversational speech without sacrificing your brand’s personality, the below chart from the Content Marketing Institute is a great reference tool: 

Creating Readable Content

3. Streamline your social media marketingOne thing that can make your decisions easier is establishing a channel plan. The below template from the Content Marketing Institute can help you organize the crucial details and attributes. 

Social Media

4. “Partnering with high-profile industry experts and public personalities for content distribution can help strengthen your company’s credibility and trustworthiness,” says Jodi Harris from the Content Marketing Institute. A content roundup entails the collection of the thoughts of different industry influencers on a given topic and showcases their ideas. The below checklist outlines everything involved in executing the technique successfully. 


5. Differentiating your brandTo ensure the content you produce reflects your brand’s mission and values, it’s essential to create unique content while maintaining consistency, says Brandon Pindulic from OpGen Media.  

He offers the chart below as a guide in building your brand’s “voice.”  

Differientiating Your Brand

6. Make your message meaningful. Your company’s mission statement is a crucial ingredient for guiding decision-making and sets you apart from competitors. When curating your mission statement, follow these tips from Brandon Pindulic from OpGen Media 

  • Stand out: Be original, ensure your mission statement highlights your value proposition and demonstrates what makes you unique as a brand in the industry. 
  • Prevent Assumptions: Be brief and concise in your message so consumers have no questions regarding the purpose of your brand’s content. 


Now that you are equipped with the tools and resources to curate your content, you’re ready to get started building out your posts. For even more resources, check out this full set of free templates from Hootsuite.   

If you are hoping for professional advice and are looking for guidance throughout the marketing process, feel free to reach out to us at Husky Communications! We would be happy to hear from you.  

By students Beatrice Stern, Caroline Hall, and Kar Ho Lau